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News from Chester County Junior High School
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Thursday, September 26, 2019
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By Brennan Morris, 7th Grader

Although it has not been that long since school started, these past weeks at Chester County Junior High School have been amazing!

Last week was the football team’s homecoming here at the Junior High, and boy, was it fun! We had different dress-up days throughout the week. Monday was Senior Citizen day; Tuesday, Meme/Vine day; Wednesday, College Team day; and Thursday, Blue and White day. We also had a Pep Rally and Parade filled with lots of games and laughter. The football team played the Lexington Minutemen and defeated them 50-0! During the game, our homecoming court was announced. The sixth grade representative was Ryan Whittman, and she was escorted by John Holrold; the seventh grade representative was Karley Heinsohn, and she was escorted by Dean Estes; and our three eighth grade representatives were Kali Zdravkov, Avah Kunicki and Brooke Thomas. They were escorted by Mckinley Hoppkins, Hunt Pipkin, and Evan Schippers. The Homecoming Queen was Brooke Thomas.

In English/Language Arts, the eighth grade students are reading the book, Touching Spirit Bear, by Ben Mkaelsen and are using paired texts that go along with the text. In History they are leading up to the American Revolution, and in Science they are learning about Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion. They are combining like terms and learning distributive properties in Math.

In seventh grade English/Language Arts, students are learning how to write narrative essays, and in History, they are learning how the Feudal Honor Codes of Bushido and chivalry represent values of that time and affected trade. They are studying Chemical Properties in Science while learning how to do proportional relationships in Math.

Sixth graders are learning how to write an explanatory essay English/Language Arts. They are learning about Ancient Mesopotamia in History, and in Science they are learning about Forms of Energy. They also are practicing doing ratios in Math.

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