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Belinda Anderson, Junior High Principal

The Chester County Junior High School faculty, staff and administration would like to welcome you to a brand new school year. Junior high is a critical time for development of our young people. Our faculty, staff, and administration believe that the job we do each day is important because each day we work with kids – your kids.

 We help them learn, smile, and belong. We ask hard and interesting questions. We try new things and share what we are learning. The CCJHS family looks forward to a year of grit, growth and gratitude that exemplifies Eagle Pride.

 Grit is a key component in determining long-term success and happiness. CCJHS Eagle Pride is about working hard, enduring struggle, failing and trying again. Grit will give our kids the passion and perseverance to reach long-term goals.

 Growth is a mindset. To have a growth mindset is to realize that your intelligence can grow with effort. Struggling in school is normal. The more you practice or study, the more you learn. CCJHS Eagles have growth mindsets.

 Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what we have at CCJHS. Eagle Pride is gratitude. It is taking care of our school facility, our landscaping, and our transportation. It is respecting our teachers, our staff, our administration and ourselves.

 #CCJHSEaglePride will be our mantra. Grit, growth, and gratitude will be how each Eagle shows his or her Eagle Pride. The Chester County Junior High School faculty, staff and administration look forward to working with you this school year.


Belinda Anderson, Ed.D.
CCJHS, Principal